Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"It's the little imprefections"

La la la. This blog is something that has been born out of sheer boredom so it wont say much of anything, because I cant think of anything catchy to write about, talk about a run on sentence <<. Sitting here being bored, listening to the sounds around me, I realize--woah. I am happy. Life is good, God is amazing and I have everything I could ever need. So quit focusing on what is wrong and count your blessings. (: Its good to go. (: byye now.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

oh goodness--

I feel like it has simply been ages since I graced the blogging world with my presence. So here I am back by popular demand. Well not sure if its popular demand, but here I am nonetheless. Happy to be back, too for the record. Looking back over past blogs I find myself smiling and laughing at the things I have said. I started this blog a little less than a year ago, but I look back and think about how much has changed and how much I have changed and grown. There are a lot of things different, but there has remained one constant in my life. That is Jesus. A lot of things have been crazy and ever changing in my life, but there has been this one thing I can constantly count on and that thought alone is comforting and encouraging. I have so much to boast about in my relationship with Christ. When every worldly gain has fallen I can still boat in Christ. When I feel let down, I have a hope. It is simply one of those indescribable feelings you simply must experience to understand. It is not something I can sit and put into words in a short blog. I could write a million pages and still not capture His true essence and who He is to me. I am at a point in my life where a lot is changing and I am about to have to take on more than I am used to, but I know that God has a plan and he will get me through. I take so much comfort in knowing I have a special plan, created just for me. It may not seem like much, but let me tell you, it is. It is EVERYTHING. HE is my everything. My air, my life. He continues to reveal new things to me everyday through prayer and his word. I love the feeling of hungering after Him. It is a good feeling.

In ten days the world celebrates each other, the year. They spend small fortunes on getting the "perfect" gift. Shopping and decorations and wrapping will take over the scene. I say we take these ten upcoming days to focus on this season and our true celebration for it. There is a place for the gifts and decorations and shopping, but lets take it off the our main thoughts and replace it with Jesus. He humbled himself, came to earth, was born in a stable, just so he could live and die for me and you. If that doesnt blow your mind I dont know what will. Remember why we celebrate.

Well I think this is a good start back. I am looking forward to many more blogs to come. Keep reading! (:

Have a great rest of your week. (:


Friday, August 7, 2009

Blogging all of the sudden became over rated. and now I miss it.

I never blog anymore. And this is sad. Summer has been crazy. I PROMISE once school starts back and I get a routine I will commence blogship. (:
Much love and peace.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

SuMeRr TiMe iS FiNaLlyY HeRe! (:

Okay so wow. Summer so far, has been AMAZING! (: So many memories made already and it has just begun! I hit up the beach THREE TIMES last week and I also got in a lake day filled with friends, fun, && WAKEBOARDING (finally). I am sort of burned, but it has all been so very worth it!! (: God is speaking to me in a lot of ways. I am loving the fact I have plentiful time to spend in his word! I am so excited to see things unfold according to His plan. Today in church, Bro. Scott spoke about seeking God's will and praying according to it and I want to do that! I am also looking forward to upcoming ministry opportunities! He is teaching me so much and something He has been reminding me of is how blessed I am. I have all that I need and more and what amazes me is that I dont deserve it. Not one bit. BUT He keeps the blessings coming. This coming up week in VBS and I am looking forward to toating around little ones for a little while. Then next weekend its off to the beach till Sunday! (: Then Monday morning I head out again for PC Beach and an exciting Pre-teen camp. I love playing music for God's glory. There is so much going on and summer is such a great time to let God use you! Be salt and light in this lost and dying world. Dont conform to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind! Dont try to win the approval of man. Only GOD truly matters! Pray for someone and be an encouragment!

So, on a random note:
Something that always makes me mad is that the word "wakeboard" or "wakeboarding" is ALWAYS a typo! Gr! It is a weird people! Lets get with the 21st century!
Another random topic: Watching Rocky react to being sprayed by the spray bottle is priceless! (:

Another random note: My best friends left me. NOT cool! (: I miss Kase and Corey!

Well until next time, this has been BCS from the big blue comfy couch! (:

Much love and peace beach bums!

Listen to some Kenny Chesney or Beach Boys! Get in the summerrr spirittt!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Time is flying

I am a senior! (:
It is summer
I am going to the beach tomorrow! (:
Had a girls night tonight
I love my bestie
God is so amazing!
I cannot to begin to explain how blessed I am!
My W key on my keyboard popped off!
It is hard to type!
I am pretty much in love {With my Lord and Savior}
(: Life is good
I hope everyone is good!

This isnt really much of a postttt! but I dont have much to say! (:
More real post to come!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

This blog is to pacify Corey BoltOn

Hi. I am going on record here saying that COREY JAMES BOLTON is amazinggggg! I love him very much...and no this is not him hacking my blog. I am saying this for real. He has been complaining an awful lot about how I never mention him in my blog so i thought I would go on record here. I am dedicating a whole blog to him! Hahaha. Idk why I just laughed. Anyway. Corey is my best friend. Well one of them. IDK what I would do without him. He is a great friend. Even when he chooses to be a jerk. We all do it sometime. So anyway. Back to watching Star Wars. Sorry to interrupt your lives. Go about your buisness. (:


(: MUCH love AND peace.

I have

Been blogging everyday. Dont get used to it. I have no idea where the extra time has come from and I am sure I could be doing something more productive like study for finals, but posting a quick blog takes no time and I love to do it. Blogging in and of itself is one of the most amazing things I have ever partaken in. I can get out all of the crazy thoughts that over populate my head, and it is just plain relaxing. I am not cocky enought to believe that any of what I say is of any importance to you, but I like to try to provide a temporary escap from the normal hub-bub into my random world. I love life and that is all there is to it. I enjoy life and I prefer to not worry about anything. God has a plan and He is going to work everything out. My job is to seek after Him. I dont see why I should sit and worry about something that is beyond my control. That is pointless. I want to find wonder in the small things. It doesnt take much to make me happy. Surround me by family, good friends, food, and a possible game of Spades and I am euphoric. God has provided everything I need and I blessed beyond that. Why worry, when it is all in His hands. I am not saying sit back and let someone else take the wheel of your life. Definitiely be proactive, but dont let worry bog you down. Take pleasure in the laughter of a loved one or when a song you love comes on the radio. Let God just completely blow your mind on a daily basis. Go deeper with Him. Get close to your family. Make a new friend. Do something nice for someone. Let go of grudges. Dont hold back. Be vulnerable. Be sensative. (*Just not too much. That is bothersom*) Get lost in a book! I know this is all feel good cliques, but in this world sometime we need to take a break from CNN and FOXnews and embrace the sugary sweet stuff. Okay. I guess I am done now. I dont think I can get any cornier, cheesier, or mushier. Have a good Sunday.

Much Love and Peace


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cranberry slushies

Oh my. Today at approximately 2:19 I realized Sonic Happy Hour was taking place at that very moment and I could not help myself. I realized the endless drink possibilities and then ever so politely requested of my mother that we make a quick stop. (She shares my love of Happy Hour.) So, naturally we stopped. I got a cranberry slushie and as I sit here and sip the sweet icey goodness I realize just how amazing Happy Hour is. It is a time of day I look forward to and it is a treat and I would gladly push any event aside to make it to sonic in that 2-4 slot. I admit it. I love happy hour. So why dont we treat our devotional time like this? We should look forward to that time slot in our day. It should be something we dream, drool, and pant over. We should want to push aside any event just to make it to that secluded spot to open up God's word. We should be ready to soak in all the wonderful goodness he wants to wash over us. We should enjoy it, just like we enjoy our happy hour drinks. Sure maybe this is a tad far fetched, but it does make sense. So soak in this blog and tomorrow in your quiet time let God wash over you. Look forward to your time with him like you do the sonic happy hour in your life. He is truly an amazing God. I am hungering after Him more everyday and it is my prayer that you do, too. Love you all. Hope I provided some humerous insight.

Much Love and Peace

BeThAnY CaRoLiNe


Friday, May 22, 2009

My Bff, My brother, Almonds, and the greatest mom ever.

When considering what to blog upon next I polled the general public to see what they would most like to read. The responses I received were well, just quite spuratic.
For starters. My Best friend forever. Haha. I have been told I have to many, but hey. I just cant pick one. I have the four greatest friends on the planet. Kasey, Shelby, Corey, and Daniel. I could not ask for a better group! I love these people so much, you just dont even understand. Three of these are amazing spades player and one has been my best friend for five years. I love my BFFs. I dont think I have to many and if asked to choose one I would choose them all.
Nextly, my brother. His name is Kyle Hannah. and I love him. So he isnt my brother by blood, but what does that matter. He is more family to me than some of my real blood family. (Extended family that is. Im very close to my family.) He is random and cool and spuratic and great and he is married to one of my most favorite people in the world Jessica Hannah. Together those two are the cutest couple....ever. and speaking of Jessica that brings me to almonds.
Almonds. I am thinking she was a tad loopy when she suggested this to me. It was four AM after all. So I dont know much about almonds, but thats okay. I dont eat them, but I have heard they taste good. I dont like nuts tho. But yea. Almonds Almonds Almonds.
Last, but definitely not least is my mom. She is the greatest mom anyone could ever ask for. I love her so much. I wish I could put into words how much she means to me. We have a very close bond and I feel blessed to not only have a mom, but to also have a best friend. I have the same type of relationship with my amazing sisters. They are sisters yea, but they are friends that wont ever leave me. They have to stick with me. My mom is great, though. I know so many people that are not close with their mothers and I truly think that is sad. Mine is great and she always I has my best interest in mind. She is under appreciated. I appreciate everything she does for me which is so much.

Something that was not suggested to me, but I want to talk about anyway is something that has been on my mind a lot.
I want to see this beautiful world. It offers so much outside of my small confined little Florida. I want to sail the seven seas. I want to climb foreign mountains. I want to surf mexican shores. I want to taste the tastes of Italy and smell the fresh clean French Alps mountain air. I want to experiance another world in Asia and I want to share Jesus in each place I go. I want to take his name out to everyone that cannot hear it like I get to. I am so blessed to be able to sit and hear HIS word freely everyday. I want to share this privelage I have with people that dont have it. The same people that have to hide their love for my Lord. So, yea. I want to do a lot of missions. I am extremely excited to get to take His word to Costa Rica this summer with my dad and a group from church. It will truly be an experiance. Trust God today. Let him do amazing things for you like he is doing for me!

Much love and peace.
Live long and prosper.
May the force be with you.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

B+'s, 98's, and its almost summerrrr

I kinda took a trip off the deep end the other day. It was sad. I had long awaited my final paper grade for ENC 1101 and was about to die of the anticipation build up! I had worked long and hard on a paper I was very proud of. To be totally honest I had gotten a tad cocky and truly believed I was going to receive a high A. Well, needless to say, I was knocked down. Totally and completely crushed. I had been checking my email like crazy waiting for that grade. Always holding my breath when I had a message only to be disappointed. It finally arrived Sunday May 3, 2009. Yea, I was obsessing. I held my breath and tried to calm the nervous butterflies in my stomach as I scrolled through to find the grade. There, on the last page and the bottom, it seemed to stand out among the other letters and words. It was like a Scarlet letter bringing shame upon my whole paper. It seemed to laugh and stare at me. It was taunting really. An 88 B. Seriously. I about died right there. Tears stung at my eyes and threatened to pour over, so I stayed strong, seeing how I was surrounded by people in a van. Everyone tried to be encouraging saying it was good, but the thing is, I felt like I was settling. Obviously something could have been better. Obviously it wasnt A material. It about crushed my dreams. I always thought writing was my thing, but now I am seeing it differently. I sort of developed a complex int that moment. I had wanted an A so bad. But the funny about this is I look at it now differently. Yea sure I am totally disappointed in not getting an A, but a B+ is good. There is a reason I got that grade. I truly believe it was to humble me. I admit I had gotten cocky in my writing. It was a good paper though. I still believe that. Anyway, I came out of Writing 101 with a B+. Totally unexpected. I also had a B+ in public speaking. Im okay with that. The best part about it all is my Algebra II honors grade. I have always struggled to do well in math and wow is all i can now say. I am making a 98! This is almost a 100 btw. Haha, I am sure you all realized that.

PLUS--It is almost summer time. School is so hard to focus on right now. I am having quite the hard time. For real.

What is great is.... God is renewing a passion in my life that I had felt was slipping away. I felt a sort of drifting feeling I guess, but He brought me back! (: Where would I be without my amazing Jesus? I really want to hunger after Him more though. I want one pure and holy passion and I want a magnificant obsession with Him. Seriosuly. He is such an amazing God. He has blessed me with so much. I am blessed beyond measure. I truly am. Okay, now I am getting sappy. Sorry about that. I just get excited about my Jesus.

So yea, this has been a long one and I didnt even blog about Gala. My bad. Long story short....It was greatttt!!!!

Hope you didnt get bored by this. I love you! Stay close to Jesus this week and be passionate for him!

Much love and peace

Bethany caroline

P.S--Star Trek was awesome

P.P.S--Spades with my besties is the bestest. lol.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


they are so powerful. seriously. has anyone ever really stopped to think about the importance of their words? not usually. we say things and throw words around never really thinking about what is coming out of our mouth. the bible commands us in Ephesians to not let any unwholesome talk come from our mouths. our words affect us so much more than we realize. so many times people do not take time to think about what is coming out of their mouths. one of my favorite facebook bumper stickers says "My problem is my mouth opens when i think." This is something that is funny and made me laugh but it is so true. Do you think before you speak? Watch what you say and think about your words. they are much more powerful than you think.

on other notes here is a tentative schedule for my summer:
Super Summer
Costa Rica
and LOTS of beach time
Be jealous. haha Jk.

Buuuut anyway.

Finals for my college classes are over. So much relief. The year is winding down. It is almost summer time. How do YOU plan to impact the kingdom this summer season? Feel free to discuss! (:

Love you all
Much love and peace.

Monday, April 13, 2009

It has indeed been a very long time and I have been looking forward to blogging about my Spring Break vacation! It was a blast. The Stockdale-Woodall clan pulled out last Friday around five to head to Little Talbot Island, just outside of Jacksonville. Over the course of the weekend I got to spend time with the whole crew. Momma, daddy, Emily, Brian, Hadley, Avery, and of course little Ben-Jammin. We had a blast spending a day at the beach and having fun in the sun. We enjoyed the camp fire as the temperatures plunged lower and listened to Jack Johnson, John Mayer, James Taylor, Norah Jones, and Bob Marley. (A.K.A the greatest playlist ever) We simply kicked back in "the real Florida" It was great. After a long enjoyable weekend with my family we said goodbye to the Woodall portion as the headed back to the matropolis of Starke. Monday was cooler so we spent the day close to the sight before heading back to Starke ourselves, just for the evening. I got the awesome experiance of going back to MSBC and ejoyed Doc. Reid and the Chad Lister band. We got an addition after Monday. My amazing friend Shelby Ashley tagged along Monday night and we had a blast. With the cooler days the four of us (mom, dad, shelby, me) played lots of Spades. I am now addicted. Haha. When it finally warmed up we all spent two days at the beach. Ahh. I am tanned! (: I am so very happy about that! lol. Anyway. It was an amazing trip. I truly needed that relaxation. Life had been getting pretty fast and I am glad I got the time to sit back. I really got to soak in God's creation and He made himself very real to me. I love when He does that. But yea. AMAZING spring break. Hope I'm not overusing that word.

In the next week I would really like to blog on the power of words. So keep your eyes out for another blog very soon.

It's back to the daily grind and tomorrow is Tuesday which means very long day for me.

Hope you all enjoyed!

Much love and peace!


I love youuu!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A long long time ago....

I wrote a blog. Yea, I know. A REALLY long time ago. My life has been so busy these days that I hardly have time to sit and blog about the craziness. Things have been good. The fair was fun, but I am glad it is over! Maybe I can breath now. But just as i get the fair done school starts working overtime and I am having to put 100 and ten percent into that. It is tough. College is kicked it into overdrive but I am working hard. So much to do in so little time. I am getting behind and that CANNOT happen. But I didnt blog to rant. I blogged to blog. Lol.

I have been racking my brain to find random stuff to talk about but when you think about it, how random is it? The thought just has to strike me at the right moment. So tonight I think I will talk about randomness in its self. I have had many a discussion on randomness and just why it is random. Like little men in hot air balloons floating down into your back yard. (this is humor a select few will get). But the thing is....who decides random? I mean the word really gets abused today. Its like sometimes, it isnt random YET the word is misused. Some things are random. Like say a purple elephant with giant reading glasses on. Wanna know something weird? I KNOW where you can find one of those! THAT is random. Not the stupid picture albums on facebook that are all like "this is sooo random". I mean come on. After two million pics of yourself it ceases to be random. So why label it random? Ugg, just thinking about it is annoying.

I came across the statement on a piece of flair on facebook that said "I'm not as random as you think I salad." That is an example of random. It doesnt fit and it doesnt go. It is totally spuratic and hodgepodge (other words that can be used in place of random). If someone spouts off a trivial fact it is not nessecarrily random. It is trivia knowlegde. See what I mean? Why does this society misuse random? Come on people? How random can we all truly get? It is ridiculous.

Dont get me started on "awkward". lol.

In other notes-- dont go see the house on the left. it is ridiculous and pointless.

Watch Twilight! It is out on DVD.

I am tired but I cannot sleep but I wont bore you with my sleep deprived ramblings anymore. I will keep this updated more often I promise!

And remember!!!! Much love and peace! (:

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Far to much time has passed since I blogged. I missed the familiar feeling that blogging brought into my life. Haha. I have been under some major pressure. Stress does not even begin to cover it. The pageant of course was a success and totally worth the small amount of extra strain put on my life. But boy did it wear me out. and today. Man, today was so crazy. It started with your run of the mill Marshall is a slave driver thing and continued on to an Algebra quiz that I had no clue how to do. The rest of the day was a blur with no break. Even Chorus and journalism was crazy. After school I got hair and makeup done by Sarah Lee and headed straight to Thornton photography to take my pageant pictures. Then straight to church to play. What a day. Church was emotional of course. As many know, my family is no longer going to be attending MSBC and it really is a bitter-sweet thing. I will miss my church and tonight was an obvious showing of that. It was hard being with all those people, each and every one special in there own way. I am going to miss each and every one of them more then anyone could ever know. Each person at MSBC has made such an impact on me--each leaving a footprint. I do not regret a single moment spent there. Each day at MSBC taught me something and it is truly a place I will never forget and somewhere I will routinley return to. I love it. Im gonna miss it, but I am ready to see what God has in store for our future at Hibernia. It is a big leap of faith but I am ready to jump. Just pray a lot. (:

So, yea. I am a princess. I am beyond happy about this too. Saturday I was honored to win Miss Bradford-Union Strawberry Princess. (: This Friday starts the fair and I will be there every night fulfilling my duties as princess. I am so excited. I still cant believe all this is happening to me. It is euphoric and just a few days ago I felt like everything was falling apart and now I feel so right. Things have begun to fall into place. I am happy with the way things are. I know God has a plan for me and I am just seeking him right now hoping he reveals himself to me. Until then. I'm living my life. (: Hope you all have an amazing week and a little bit of my sunshine can rub off. Love you all.

Much love and peace.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mobile uploads

Life everyday is being made easier by technology. I wrote a paper, today, about technology and how it is crippling us, but i have to admit, I love it. It is so cool. Although it hates me, I enjoy it so very much.
Used to (back like five months ago) I would have to take my digital camera with me everywhere if i wanted to document something then uploading to facebook and myspace was the biggest hassle in the world. it would take forever and half the time didnt work. So finally I quit uploading pics altogether. I would let people tag me and that was it.
When I got my phone (Sam) I added the FacebookMobile App and saw that you could simply upload pictures directly from your mobile phone. This made my life. Now I can take pictures wherever and whenever I want and put them on Facebook and Myspace for all to see. It is such an amazing invention and it causes me no wasted time at all!
I am loving technology more now than ever. I believe it is because of my recent obession with Apple and Mac. My iTouch is simply fabulous. I am in L-O-V-E. I am amazed that I can download music right there on the device. (:
BUT ANYWAY. I think I am going to get back to enjoying Ben and Jerry's half baked, and sit and hope someone decides to read this mindlessness. Goodnight to all you out there.
much love and peace.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Manic monday

I hate Mondays. Today wasnt bad or anything. Mondays are just no fun. I mean seriously. Why cant we just tack Monday onto the end of the weekend so we can all hate on Tuesdays for a while. Mondays are getting a bad reputation. I feel bad for them sometime. Tuesdays are no fun either. I have school ALL day long. We are talking 9 to 9:45 at night!
Anyway, tonight I had the first night of pageant week. It went well I would like to say. Good stuff. I am just totally tired now. It was a long day. Very long. I am looking forward to a good night sleep. Really. Right now I am enjoying a nice warm evening and some Secret Life. Good night. I would stay up late because I am skipping tomorrow but I dont think I can stay up much longer. Haha. I am just looking forward to a nice day at home tomorrow. Don't you just love FCAT season? Sorry underclassman. I am quite excited.
Because of you guys and standardized testing I get to spend the day at home tomorrow. I see so much justice in that. Haha. Hey I went through it. It is your turn. I havent slept in, in so long I can already taste the whole waking up when i want thing. I deserve it. I am sure of this. I havent woken up when I wanted in so long it is crazy. I need this so bad though. I mean my life is going 100 miles an hour. I never have time to do anything but study study study. School is my life. I am quite tired of that. I wish school would spontaniously combust. Really. I mean all I know is that it is taking over the world. But I wont continue to rant about school. That is a downer. I am going to go though. I have nothing left to say. Haha. So night night all. (: Enjoy your evenings and stay warm! Much love and peace.



Saturday, February 28, 2009

my birthday: iPods, the beach, good food, and family (:

Today as many know, was my birthday! I had an amazing day! Who knew turning 17 was so amazingly fantastic. Now I look at the day in retrospect. It all started out watching my beautiful five year old niece, Hadley play her last upward game.Then mom and I headed to the St. Johns Town Center and the Mac store. While at the mac store I made a purchase (mom made a purchase). My brand new iTouch! (Still trying to think of names! Suggestions?) After that we headed to the beach where i got to fly a tinker bell kite with Hadley and pick up shells with Avery. I watched little Ben-Jammin eat sand and gold fish and dipped my toes in the very brisk water. I ran on the beach and laid in the sun. Ahh, I love Florida. I totally didnt think that my birthday weekend could get better but it did. After the beach we headed to Osteens and enjoyed shrimp as a family. It was amazing. And the weekend is far from over. I have a gator game tomorrow and more time to play with my amazing iTouch. I am in L-O-V-E with that thing. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing family that I feel so close to. I wish my faraway sister could have been with me as I turned seventeen, but she was in TN. watching the snowfall. I find it ironic I enjoy a day at the beach and she enjoys a day in the snow. And I dont want it to get cold again. I am enjoying the warm. And I am also chasing rabbits here tonight. I am very tired this evening. But I wanted to blog about such a wonderful day! I have such an amazing life and I am looking forward to seeing what God has in store. I know that the road I am traveling down is not always perfect, but he is teaching me a lesson in every mistake. I love when He reveals himself to me. He is such an amazing God. And here I go on another tangent.

I do believe I am going to get back to the iTouch now.

Peace and love!
hope you enjoyed the randomness!

Love forever

Thursday, February 26, 2009

starting the day the right way

So one of my favorite ways to start my day is just chilling at my house. I do my devo, spend some time with God, let his word kinda penatrate my life and then just lift up my needs in prayer. It is such amazing me and God time and it is the perfect way to start my day. So many days when I have not started my day this way, I tend to have more issues and problems throughout my day and when that happens I tend to take matters into my own hands. Not good. When I start my day the right way I give it all to God first thing and throughout the day I recall my time with him and I am able to seek him more. When I let him work in my life first thing everything else just sorta happens. Like my daddy always says make God number one in you life and everything else will fall into place. Put him first in the morning and see what happens. See how God's awesomeness can effect your life today. Let him do something amazing for you. (:

So I am heading off to BHS in a matter of moments. Oh the joys of high school. Tonight I have class. Oh the joys of college. The busyness does not take a break! Good thing the weekend is approaching. By the way dont forget to wish me a happy birthday! Its two days away!

So I am sure after a full day at BHS I will have many random stories to share. I always find something funny about that place.

So I am off to put on my Chuck Taylor's grab a jacket and face another day. Good thing I started my day the right way. I encourage everyone else to do the same thing!



Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My first post=love

So, here it is people. My very first blog. And let me just say we are about to embark on an epic journey together. I am going to keep you filled in on the random and spuratic going on's of my life. I want to do this daily, but you must know, I am a VERY busy person. I doubt I will get on here everyday, but most days hopefully.
So I have been wondering.
What is the blog craze? All I know is I wanted in. And here I am. I just thought it might be nice to provide humorous, sometimes insightful, sometimes serious blogs to make you laugh, cry, or whatever it is you do. I like to randomly spout out my thoughts and a lot of people would tune me out if I was talking but putting it in writing makes in different. So, here it is. My random thoughts and moments. Hope everyone enjoys this. I know I am.