Monday, April 13, 2009

It has indeed been a very long time and I have been looking forward to blogging about my Spring Break vacation! It was a blast. The Stockdale-Woodall clan pulled out last Friday around five to head to Little Talbot Island, just outside of Jacksonville. Over the course of the weekend I got to spend time with the whole crew. Momma, daddy, Emily, Brian, Hadley, Avery, and of course little Ben-Jammin. We had a blast spending a day at the beach and having fun in the sun. We enjoyed the camp fire as the temperatures plunged lower and listened to Jack Johnson, John Mayer, James Taylor, Norah Jones, and Bob Marley. (A.K.A the greatest playlist ever) We simply kicked back in "the real Florida" It was great. After a long enjoyable weekend with my family we said goodbye to the Woodall portion as the headed back to the matropolis of Starke. Monday was cooler so we spent the day close to the sight before heading back to Starke ourselves, just for the evening. I got the awesome experiance of going back to MSBC and ejoyed Doc. Reid and the Chad Lister band. We got an addition after Monday. My amazing friend Shelby Ashley tagged along Monday night and we had a blast. With the cooler days the four of us (mom, dad, shelby, me) played lots of Spades. I am now addicted. Haha. When it finally warmed up we all spent two days at the beach. Ahh. I am tanned! (: I am so very happy about that! lol. Anyway. It was an amazing trip. I truly needed that relaxation. Life had been getting pretty fast and I am glad I got the time to sit back. I really got to soak in God's creation and He made himself very real to me. I love when He does that. But yea. AMAZING spring break. Hope I'm not overusing that word.

In the next week I would really like to blog on the power of words. So keep your eyes out for another blog very soon.

It's back to the daily grind and tomorrow is Tuesday which means very long day for me.

Hope you all enjoyed!

Much love and peace!


I love youuu!

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  1. good word...I had a blast a LTI with y'all-wish we could have stayed longer! PEACE!