Saturday, February 28, 2009

my birthday: iPods, the beach, good food, and family (:

Today as many know, was my birthday! I had an amazing day! Who knew turning 17 was so amazingly fantastic. Now I look at the day in retrospect. It all started out watching my beautiful five year old niece, Hadley play her last upward game.Then mom and I headed to the St. Johns Town Center and the Mac store. While at the mac store I made a purchase (mom made a purchase). My brand new iTouch! (Still trying to think of names! Suggestions?) After that we headed to the beach where i got to fly a tinker bell kite with Hadley and pick up shells with Avery. I watched little Ben-Jammin eat sand and gold fish and dipped my toes in the very brisk water. I ran on the beach and laid in the sun. Ahh, I love Florida. I totally didnt think that my birthday weekend could get better but it did. After the beach we headed to Osteens and enjoyed shrimp as a family. It was amazing. And the weekend is far from over. I have a gator game tomorrow and more time to play with my amazing iTouch. I am in L-O-V-E with that thing. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing family that I feel so close to. I wish my faraway sister could have been with me as I turned seventeen, but she was in TN. watching the snowfall. I find it ironic I enjoy a day at the beach and she enjoys a day in the snow. And I dont want it to get cold again. I am enjoying the warm. And I am also chasing rabbits here tonight. I am very tired this evening. But I wanted to blog about such a wonderful day! I have such an amazing life and I am looking forward to seeing what God has in store. I know that the road I am traveling down is not always perfect, but he is teaching me a lesson in every mistake. I love when He reveals himself to me. He is such an amazing God. And here I go on another tangent.

I do believe I am going to get back to the iTouch now.

Peace and love!
hope you enjoyed the randomness!

Love forever

Thursday, February 26, 2009

starting the day the right way

So one of my favorite ways to start my day is just chilling at my house. I do my devo, spend some time with God, let his word kinda penatrate my life and then just lift up my needs in prayer. It is such amazing me and God time and it is the perfect way to start my day. So many days when I have not started my day this way, I tend to have more issues and problems throughout my day and when that happens I tend to take matters into my own hands. Not good. When I start my day the right way I give it all to God first thing and throughout the day I recall my time with him and I am able to seek him more. When I let him work in my life first thing everything else just sorta happens. Like my daddy always says make God number one in you life and everything else will fall into place. Put him first in the morning and see what happens. See how God's awesomeness can effect your life today. Let him do something amazing for you. (:

So I am heading off to BHS in a matter of moments. Oh the joys of high school. Tonight I have class. Oh the joys of college. The busyness does not take a break! Good thing the weekend is approaching. By the way dont forget to wish me a happy birthday! Its two days away!

So I am sure after a full day at BHS I will have many random stories to share. I always find something funny about that place.

So I am off to put on my Chuck Taylor's grab a jacket and face another day. Good thing I started my day the right way. I encourage everyone else to do the same thing!



Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My first post=love

So, here it is people. My very first blog. And let me just say we are about to embark on an epic journey together. I am going to keep you filled in on the random and spuratic going on's of my life. I want to do this daily, but you must know, I am a VERY busy person. I doubt I will get on here everyday, but most days hopefully.
So I have been wondering.
What is the blog craze? All I know is I wanted in. And here I am. I just thought it might be nice to provide humorous, sometimes insightful, sometimes serious blogs to make you laugh, cry, or whatever it is you do. I like to randomly spout out my thoughts and a lot of people would tune me out if I was talking but putting it in writing makes in different. So, here it is. My random thoughts and moments. Hope everyone enjoys this. I know I am.