Thursday, February 26, 2009

starting the day the right way

So one of my favorite ways to start my day is just chilling at my house. I do my devo, spend some time with God, let his word kinda penatrate my life and then just lift up my needs in prayer. It is such amazing me and God time and it is the perfect way to start my day. So many days when I have not started my day this way, I tend to have more issues and problems throughout my day and when that happens I tend to take matters into my own hands. Not good. When I start my day the right way I give it all to God first thing and throughout the day I recall my time with him and I am able to seek him more. When I let him work in my life first thing everything else just sorta happens. Like my daddy always says make God number one in you life and everything else will fall into place. Put him first in the morning and see what happens. See how God's awesomeness can effect your life today. Let him do something amazing for you. (:

So I am heading off to BHS in a matter of moments. Oh the joys of high school. Tonight I have class. Oh the joys of college. The busyness does not take a break! Good thing the weekend is approaching. By the way dont forget to wish me a happy birthday! Its two days away!

So I am sure after a full day at BHS I will have many random stories to share. I always find something funny about that place.

So I am off to put on my Chuck Taylor's grab a jacket and face another day. Good thing I started my day the right way. I encourage everyone else to do the same thing!



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  1. I probably should do this more often. My morning usually consists of waking up, looking at the clock, realizing I slept through my alarm, and hurriedly getting ready for class. Haha.