Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Prayer and its Power

Last week was a rough one to say the least. I was struggling personally with some things and my team was struggling with where God had placed us. We were running ragged with two churches a day, one being over an hour away from home. Our morning church was a gift and a blessing. We were working in preschool (I know, right?) and the workers assembled in that area were phenomenal. We were making connections with our kids and God was doing something big, per His usual. Then we hop in good old Tank and take off down i 75 (aka, our new and closest friend.) We drive and drive and drive and drive. It took absolutely FOREVER to get to our evening church and we were worn out by the time we got there. We had driven through an absolute monsoon and the sky was falling. We prayed in the car and ascended on day one of Beach Blast. The church was small with few kids, which is always okay! Where two or more are gathered, ya know. We are acquainted with our helpers and the staff and we were off, working with more awesome poeple. But my heart was not there and I was struggling and I was tired. And I could tell I wasn't alone. The week wore on and we continued our mission, suffering through lightening storm after lightening storm as we wore out the highway. It was wearing me thin, because, to be honest, it was way more work than I was used to. But I prayed through it, as did Emily. We prayed together and separately. We prayed for each other by name. We prayed for our fellow teammates, facing hard weeks, too. We prayed a lot. And never in my life have I felt a closer to my Jesus. It is amazing what happens when we do what He has commanded us. I was so spiritually, emotionally, and physically drained, but He gave me the strength I needed for each day. He kept me moving, even when I felt like I couldn't keep on. He is so so good. I kept asking for him to reveal to me why we were where we were (mouthful, I know. Sorry.) In the last couple of days he made it resoundingly clear. It was a little girl named Samantha and a young mom with the sweetest child. Samantha is autistic and probably cast aside a lot, because of how different she is. But when I took time with her, I found a sweet young girl, with a lot to offer, and no outlet. By the last day, Emily had her participating in games. My heart was blessed. So blessed in fact that I was watching all this take place with tears in my eyes. Yes, me, crying. Doesn't happen often, but I love when He breaks me down to that point. Revelation number one. And there is more to that story, but I will get to that later. We also met a young mom, whose husband is in the Navy. She was such a blessing to us both, and we were definitely not ready to say goodbye. Then my amazing God opened a door. She is close friends with the coordinator of another VBS we are working at. She is going to help out there, too. We were exhausted and burnt out, (my dramatic self even went and got sick) but we left last week feeling like the Spirit really was working. It is an amazing thing to see Him actively at work. I will wrap up the blabbering portion of this blog shortly. God provides and prayer is so vital and beneficial, if we really put our whole selves into that communication. Its important to talk to God. And how privileged are we that we get to talk to the creator of the universe?
I'm rambling.
Moving on.
In my own personal me time last week and the week before, I was struggling with direction with where I am going. I was getting a little self centered in thought to be honest. But I'm only human. So I took it to Him in prayer. I wrote it all out and laid it down in front of Him. He's answering my prayers here and there bit by bit and reminding me to be patient. He is showing me Jeremiah 29:11. A lot. He has a plan for me. I need not get ahead of Him. I would love to have a plan for my future, but I really don't. It is something I am working on. He knows and that is all that matters. He is showing me things. I am blessed he is working with me on this. So that was just a side matter, anyway. I'm going to wrap this up.

There is power in Prayer. Don't let that become yet another christian cliche. Put some real effort into a prayer life with Him. Keep a journal or a log of your prayers and look back and see how he worked in those situations. It is an amazing process and I guarantee you'll never feel closer. Communication is key in any relationship. Most importantly in one with your Savior. Spend time talking to Him.
Oddly enough He wants to hear from us.
Thank you for the prayers. Love you all. (:

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Hey there, everyone. I promise I wont blog this much all summer, but I am overwhelmed and I wanted to share with my friends. Last night at VBS was the ABC's of becoming a christian night. I poured over my lesson. I prepared and prepared and prepared. I had ideas and I knew the material. I was beyond ready to share the gospel with my kids. I was prayed up, studied up, and ready to go. Then I began to share the story of Nicodemus with the kids. They were so distracted and it really threw me off. Satan was trying so hard to squelch the spirit. I go to share the ABC's and the kids were not into it at all. I was so beyond discouraged, but I pressed on through the lesson. Let me tell you what, never in my life have I been happier to get to the craft portion. I was defeated. I extended an invitation, but the kids looked at me like I was crazy. I thought to myself, that I had failed and missed an opportunity to lead someone to Christ.

But then...

I was sitting at the tables helping some of the kids with the craft. One of my girls, Madison, starting asking me about sin, getting saved, and baptism. She had tons of questions. Good questions. Hard questions. My spirit lifted a little. If one kid started thinking about it, even, I had done something. But there was my problem. It wasn't about what I did. But I'll get to that. A couple minutes later, another one of my girls approached me. She wanted to know how to ask Jesus into her life. We went outside and she expressed that she knew she was a sinner, believed in God, and was ready to turn away from sin and get saved. I asked her a lot of questions. I waned to be sure this was for real. She was beyond ready so we prayed and she accepted Jesus into her life. And she was so excited. I was reminded of childlike faith and my heart was seriously overjoyed. I walked her back in to finish up her craft and Madison was waiting for me. We also went out to talk. Without even having to ask, she told me she knew she was a sinner, and she hadn't invited Jesus into her life. We prayed and while I was praying for her, God hit me hard in the face with this realization.


But He wants to use me. And what a humbling experience. He can use a stuttering, crazy, babbling, nineteen year old, to further his kingdom. He used me. Me of all people. He didn't need me at all. And it had nothing to do with any of the things I said. It was all him speaking through me. I was his mouthpiece, and despite myself, kids still got save. And let me tell you. I had nothing to do with it. Praise God and all the glory be to Him.

I'm still praying revival breaks out in the church we're serving at. God is going to do something big. I can feel it. I just need to continue to be a humble carrier, letting him do all the work. Thanks for reading and continue to pray. He is working!

Monday, June 6, 2011

I need you!

Hey everyone! As you may already know, I am on summer mission in south Florida. I've been here since Thursday and already God is revealing some wonderful things to me. I have met some amazing people and already attended a wonderful church where God is ready to explode. We have lots of awesome things ahead of us and we are very excited.


We need your help. You guys are my friends, my church family, my real family, and I'm asking for your prayers. South Florida is very dark, spiritually. In my neck of the woods (North Florida) going to church is more of a trend. People who could care less about there spiritual lives will claim to be affiliated with some church or another. They take their kids on Easter and Christmas. All that jazz. Here, that isn't the case. No one feels the need to even pretend they are associated with a church. There are two cases. You have the extreme rich, with no need or hunger for the word of God. Then you have the unreached. This category spans a little larger. These other people are unreached for numerous reasons. There are language barriers, demographic barriers, and more. We were speaking with one of the pastors and he told us that 92 percent of the people in the Ft. Meyers area are lost. Lost as in if they were to die right now, they would spend an eternity in hell. We have such a HUGE mission field here and I am beyond blessed to be working on it.

I also ask you pray for our churches we will serve at. Pray for open minds and hearts of children and their families. Pray for our pastors and workers. Pray for some major salvation. We would love to be apart of getting these lost families involved in a local body of believers.

Pray for my partner and I. Pray that we decrease so He can increase. Pray we keep practicing flexibility in all situations, easy or hard. Pray we never speak, but we always have Him speaking through us. And simply pray that God uses us. We are just vessels. He is the one truly doing the work.

And lastly, pray for revival. Not just here, but where you are, too. God is capable. He is able. I pray that I don't set my sights low, but I have real faith and truly believe he will work, not just here in south Florida, but all over the world. We serve a huge God is able to do exceedingly more than we dreamed or imagined.

Thank you for your support and love! I plan on keeping the blog updated if you would like to follow the shenanigans of south Florida. Love you all so much and God bless. (: