Monday, June 6, 2011

I need you!

Hey everyone! As you may already know, I am on summer mission in south Florida. I've been here since Thursday and already God is revealing some wonderful things to me. I have met some amazing people and already attended a wonderful church where God is ready to explode. We have lots of awesome things ahead of us and we are very excited.


We need your help. You guys are my friends, my church family, my real family, and I'm asking for your prayers. South Florida is very dark, spiritually. In my neck of the woods (North Florida) going to church is more of a trend. People who could care less about there spiritual lives will claim to be affiliated with some church or another. They take their kids on Easter and Christmas. All that jazz. Here, that isn't the case. No one feels the need to even pretend they are associated with a church. There are two cases. You have the extreme rich, with no need or hunger for the word of God. Then you have the unreached. This category spans a little larger. These other people are unreached for numerous reasons. There are language barriers, demographic barriers, and more. We were speaking with one of the pastors and he told us that 92 percent of the people in the Ft. Meyers area are lost. Lost as in if they were to die right now, they would spend an eternity in hell. We have such a HUGE mission field here and I am beyond blessed to be working on it.

I also ask you pray for our churches we will serve at. Pray for open minds and hearts of children and their families. Pray for our pastors and workers. Pray for some major salvation. We would love to be apart of getting these lost families involved in a local body of believers.

Pray for my partner and I. Pray that we decrease so He can increase. Pray we keep practicing flexibility in all situations, easy or hard. Pray we never speak, but we always have Him speaking through us. And simply pray that God uses us. We are just vessels. He is the one truly doing the work.

And lastly, pray for revival. Not just here, but where you are, too. God is capable. He is able. I pray that I don't set my sights low, but I have real faith and truly believe he will work, not just here in south Florida, but all over the world. We serve a huge God is able to do exceedingly more than we dreamed or imagined.

Thank you for your support and love! I plan on keeping the blog updated if you would like to follow the shenanigans of south Florida. Love you all so much and God bless. (:


  1. Praying, Sister! Love you so! Can't wait to read all your updates.

  2. Your daddy is praying! Let God use you in a BIG way! Love you!