Thursday, June 9, 2011


Hey there, everyone. I promise I wont blog this much all summer, but I am overwhelmed and I wanted to share with my friends. Last night at VBS was the ABC's of becoming a christian night. I poured over my lesson. I prepared and prepared and prepared. I had ideas and I knew the material. I was beyond ready to share the gospel with my kids. I was prayed up, studied up, and ready to go. Then I began to share the story of Nicodemus with the kids. They were so distracted and it really threw me off. Satan was trying so hard to squelch the spirit. I go to share the ABC's and the kids were not into it at all. I was so beyond discouraged, but I pressed on through the lesson. Let me tell you what, never in my life have I been happier to get to the craft portion. I was defeated. I extended an invitation, but the kids looked at me like I was crazy. I thought to myself, that I had failed and missed an opportunity to lead someone to Christ.

But then...

I was sitting at the tables helping some of the kids with the craft. One of my girls, Madison, starting asking me about sin, getting saved, and baptism. She had tons of questions. Good questions. Hard questions. My spirit lifted a little. If one kid started thinking about it, even, I had done something. But there was my problem. It wasn't about what I did. But I'll get to that. A couple minutes later, another one of my girls approached me. She wanted to know how to ask Jesus into her life. We went outside and she expressed that she knew she was a sinner, believed in God, and was ready to turn away from sin and get saved. I asked her a lot of questions. I waned to be sure this was for real. She was beyond ready so we prayed and she accepted Jesus into her life. And she was so excited. I was reminded of childlike faith and my heart was seriously overjoyed. I walked her back in to finish up her craft and Madison was waiting for me. We also went out to talk. Without even having to ask, she told me she knew she was a sinner, and she hadn't invited Jesus into her life. We prayed and while I was praying for her, God hit me hard in the face with this realization.


But He wants to use me. And what a humbling experience. He can use a stuttering, crazy, babbling, nineteen year old, to further his kingdom. He used me. Me of all people. He didn't need me at all. And it had nothing to do with any of the things I said. It was all him speaking through me. I was his mouthpiece, and despite myself, kids still got save. And let me tell you. I had nothing to do with it. Praise God and all the glory be to Him.

I'm still praying revival breaks out in the church we're serving at. God is going to do something big. I can feel it. I just need to continue to be a humble carrier, letting him do all the work. Thanks for reading and continue to pray. He is working!

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