Sunday, May 24, 2009

This blog is to pacify Corey BoltOn

Hi. I am going on record here saying that COREY JAMES BOLTON is amazinggggg! I love him very much...and no this is not him hacking my blog. I am saying this for real. He has been complaining an awful lot about how I never mention him in my blog so i thought I would go on record here. I am dedicating a whole blog to him! Hahaha. Idk why I just laughed. Anyway. Corey is my best friend. Well one of them. IDK what I would do without him. He is a great friend. Even when he chooses to be a jerk. We all do it sometime. So anyway. Back to watching Star Wars. Sorry to interrupt your lives. Go about your buisness. (:


(: MUCH love AND peace.

I have

Been blogging everyday. Dont get used to it. I have no idea where the extra time has come from and I am sure I could be doing something more productive like study for finals, but posting a quick blog takes no time and I love to do it. Blogging in and of itself is one of the most amazing things I have ever partaken in. I can get out all of the crazy thoughts that over populate my head, and it is just plain relaxing. I am not cocky enought to believe that any of what I say is of any importance to you, but I like to try to provide a temporary escap from the normal hub-bub into my random world. I love life and that is all there is to it. I enjoy life and I prefer to not worry about anything. God has a plan and He is going to work everything out. My job is to seek after Him. I dont see why I should sit and worry about something that is beyond my control. That is pointless. I want to find wonder in the small things. It doesnt take much to make me happy. Surround me by family, good friends, food, and a possible game of Spades and I am euphoric. God has provided everything I need and I blessed beyond that. Why worry, when it is all in His hands. I am not saying sit back and let someone else take the wheel of your life. Definitiely be proactive, but dont let worry bog you down. Take pleasure in the laughter of a loved one or when a song you love comes on the radio. Let God just completely blow your mind on a daily basis. Go deeper with Him. Get close to your family. Make a new friend. Do something nice for someone. Let go of grudges. Dont hold back. Be vulnerable. Be sensative. (*Just not too much. That is bothersom*) Get lost in a book! I know this is all feel good cliques, but in this world sometime we need to take a break from CNN and FOXnews and embrace the sugary sweet stuff. Okay. I guess I am done now. I dont think I can get any cornier, cheesier, or mushier. Have a good Sunday.

Much Love and Peace


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cranberry slushies

Oh my. Today at approximately 2:19 I realized Sonic Happy Hour was taking place at that very moment and I could not help myself. I realized the endless drink possibilities and then ever so politely requested of my mother that we make a quick stop. (She shares my love of Happy Hour.) So, naturally we stopped. I got a cranberry slushie and as I sit here and sip the sweet icey goodness I realize just how amazing Happy Hour is. It is a time of day I look forward to and it is a treat and I would gladly push any event aside to make it to sonic in that 2-4 slot. I admit it. I love happy hour. So why dont we treat our devotional time like this? We should look forward to that time slot in our day. It should be something we dream, drool, and pant over. We should want to push aside any event just to make it to that secluded spot to open up God's word. We should be ready to soak in all the wonderful goodness he wants to wash over us. We should enjoy it, just like we enjoy our happy hour drinks. Sure maybe this is a tad far fetched, but it does make sense. So soak in this blog and tomorrow in your quiet time let God wash over you. Look forward to your time with him like you do the sonic happy hour in your life. He is truly an amazing God. I am hungering after Him more everyday and it is my prayer that you do, too. Love you all. Hope I provided some humerous insight.

Much Love and Peace

BeThAnY CaRoLiNe


Friday, May 22, 2009

My Bff, My brother, Almonds, and the greatest mom ever.

When considering what to blog upon next I polled the general public to see what they would most like to read. The responses I received were well, just quite spuratic.
For starters. My Best friend forever. Haha. I have been told I have to many, but hey. I just cant pick one. I have the four greatest friends on the planet. Kasey, Shelby, Corey, and Daniel. I could not ask for a better group! I love these people so much, you just dont even understand. Three of these are amazing spades player and one has been my best friend for five years. I love my BFFs. I dont think I have to many and if asked to choose one I would choose them all.
Nextly, my brother. His name is Kyle Hannah. and I love him. So he isnt my brother by blood, but what does that matter. He is more family to me than some of my real blood family. (Extended family that is. Im very close to my family.) He is random and cool and spuratic and great and he is married to one of my most favorite people in the world Jessica Hannah. Together those two are the cutest couple....ever. and speaking of Jessica that brings me to almonds.
Almonds. I am thinking she was a tad loopy when she suggested this to me. It was four AM after all. So I dont know much about almonds, but thats okay. I dont eat them, but I have heard they taste good. I dont like nuts tho. But yea. Almonds Almonds Almonds.
Last, but definitely not least is my mom. She is the greatest mom anyone could ever ask for. I love her so much. I wish I could put into words how much she means to me. We have a very close bond and I feel blessed to not only have a mom, but to also have a best friend. I have the same type of relationship with my amazing sisters. They are sisters yea, but they are friends that wont ever leave me. They have to stick with me. My mom is great, though. I know so many people that are not close with their mothers and I truly think that is sad. Mine is great and she always I has my best interest in mind. She is under appreciated. I appreciate everything she does for me which is so much.

Something that was not suggested to me, but I want to talk about anyway is something that has been on my mind a lot.
I want to see this beautiful world. It offers so much outside of my small confined little Florida. I want to sail the seven seas. I want to climb foreign mountains. I want to surf mexican shores. I want to taste the tastes of Italy and smell the fresh clean French Alps mountain air. I want to experiance another world in Asia and I want to share Jesus in each place I go. I want to take his name out to everyone that cannot hear it like I get to. I am so blessed to be able to sit and hear HIS word freely everyday. I want to share this privelage I have with people that dont have it. The same people that have to hide their love for my Lord. So, yea. I want to do a lot of missions. I am extremely excited to get to take His word to Costa Rica this summer with my dad and a group from church. It will truly be an experiance. Trust God today. Let him do amazing things for you like he is doing for me!

Much love and peace.
Live long and prosper.
May the force be with you.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

B+'s, 98's, and its almost summerrrr

I kinda took a trip off the deep end the other day. It was sad. I had long awaited my final paper grade for ENC 1101 and was about to die of the anticipation build up! I had worked long and hard on a paper I was very proud of. To be totally honest I had gotten a tad cocky and truly believed I was going to receive a high A. Well, needless to say, I was knocked down. Totally and completely crushed. I had been checking my email like crazy waiting for that grade. Always holding my breath when I had a message only to be disappointed. It finally arrived Sunday May 3, 2009. Yea, I was obsessing. I held my breath and tried to calm the nervous butterflies in my stomach as I scrolled through to find the grade. There, on the last page and the bottom, it seemed to stand out among the other letters and words. It was like a Scarlet letter bringing shame upon my whole paper. It seemed to laugh and stare at me. It was taunting really. An 88 B. Seriously. I about died right there. Tears stung at my eyes and threatened to pour over, so I stayed strong, seeing how I was surrounded by people in a van. Everyone tried to be encouraging saying it was good, but the thing is, I felt like I was settling. Obviously something could have been better. Obviously it wasnt A material. It about crushed my dreams. I always thought writing was my thing, but now I am seeing it differently. I sort of developed a complex int that moment. I had wanted an A so bad. But the funny about this is I look at it now differently. Yea sure I am totally disappointed in not getting an A, but a B+ is good. There is a reason I got that grade. I truly believe it was to humble me. I admit I had gotten cocky in my writing. It was a good paper though. I still believe that. Anyway, I came out of Writing 101 with a B+. Totally unexpected. I also had a B+ in public speaking. Im okay with that. The best part about it all is my Algebra II honors grade. I have always struggled to do well in math and wow is all i can now say. I am making a 98! This is almost a 100 btw. Haha, I am sure you all realized that.

PLUS--It is almost summer time. School is so hard to focus on right now. I am having quite the hard time. For real.

What is great is.... God is renewing a passion in my life that I had felt was slipping away. I felt a sort of drifting feeling I guess, but He brought me back! (: Where would I be without my amazing Jesus? I really want to hunger after Him more though. I want one pure and holy passion and I want a magnificant obsession with Him. Seriosuly. He is such an amazing God. He has blessed me with so much. I am blessed beyond measure. I truly am. Okay, now I am getting sappy. Sorry about that. I just get excited about my Jesus.

So yea, this has been a long one and I didnt even blog about Gala. My bad. Long story short....It was greatttt!!!!

Hope you didnt get bored by this. I love you! Stay close to Jesus this week and be passionate for him!

Much love and peace

Bethany caroline

P.S--Star Trek was awesome

P.P.S--Spades with my besties is the bestest. lol.