Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cranberry slushies

Oh my. Today at approximately 2:19 I realized Sonic Happy Hour was taking place at that very moment and I could not help myself. I realized the endless drink possibilities and then ever so politely requested of my mother that we make a quick stop. (She shares my love of Happy Hour.) So, naturally we stopped. I got a cranberry slushie and as I sit here and sip the sweet icey goodness I realize just how amazing Happy Hour is. It is a time of day I look forward to and it is a treat and I would gladly push any event aside to make it to sonic in that 2-4 slot. I admit it. I love happy hour. So why dont we treat our devotional time like this? We should look forward to that time slot in our day. It should be something we dream, drool, and pant over. We should want to push aside any event just to make it to that secluded spot to open up God's word. We should be ready to soak in all the wonderful goodness he wants to wash over us. We should enjoy it, just like we enjoy our happy hour drinks. Sure maybe this is a tad far fetched, but it does make sense. So soak in this blog and tomorrow in your quiet time let God wash over you. Look forward to your time with him like you do the sonic happy hour in your life. He is truly an amazing God. I am hungering after Him more everyday and it is my prayer that you do, too. Love you all. Hope I provided some humerous insight.

Much Love and Peace

BeThAnY CaRoLiNe


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