Sunday, May 24, 2009

I have

Been blogging everyday. Dont get used to it. I have no idea where the extra time has come from and I am sure I could be doing something more productive like study for finals, but posting a quick blog takes no time and I love to do it. Blogging in and of itself is one of the most amazing things I have ever partaken in. I can get out all of the crazy thoughts that over populate my head, and it is just plain relaxing. I am not cocky enought to believe that any of what I say is of any importance to you, but I like to try to provide a temporary escap from the normal hub-bub into my random world. I love life and that is all there is to it. I enjoy life and I prefer to not worry about anything. God has a plan and He is going to work everything out. My job is to seek after Him. I dont see why I should sit and worry about something that is beyond my control. That is pointless. I want to find wonder in the small things. It doesnt take much to make me happy. Surround me by family, good friends, food, and a possible game of Spades and I am euphoric. God has provided everything I need and I blessed beyond that. Why worry, when it is all in His hands. I am not saying sit back and let someone else take the wheel of your life. Definitiely be proactive, but dont let worry bog you down. Take pleasure in the laughter of a loved one or when a song you love comes on the radio. Let God just completely blow your mind on a daily basis. Go deeper with Him. Get close to your family. Make a new friend. Do something nice for someone. Let go of grudges. Dont hold back. Be vulnerable. Be sensative. (*Just not too much. That is bothersom*) Get lost in a book! I know this is all feel good cliques, but in this world sometime we need to take a break from CNN and FOXnews and embrace the sugary sweet stuff. Okay. I guess I am done now. I dont think I can get any cornier, cheesier, or mushier. Have a good Sunday.

Much Love and Peace


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