Sunday, May 24, 2009

This blog is to pacify Corey BoltOn

Hi. I am going on record here saying that COREY JAMES BOLTON is amazinggggg! I love him very much...and no this is not him hacking my blog. I am saying this for real. He has been complaining an awful lot about how I never mention him in my blog so i thought I would go on record here. I am dedicating a whole blog to him! Hahaha. Idk why I just laughed. Anyway. Corey is my best friend. Well one of them. IDK what I would do without him. He is a great friend. Even when he chooses to be a jerk. We all do it sometime. So anyway. Back to watching Star Wars. Sorry to interrupt your lives. Go about your buisness. (:


(: MUCH love AND peace.

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