Friday, May 22, 2009

My Bff, My brother, Almonds, and the greatest mom ever.

When considering what to blog upon next I polled the general public to see what they would most like to read. The responses I received were well, just quite spuratic.
For starters. My Best friend forever. Haha. I have been told I have to many, but hey. I just cant pick one. I have the four greatest friends on the planet. Kasey, Shelby, Corey, and Daniel. I could not ask for a better group! I love these people so much, you just dont even understand. Three of these are amazing spades player and one has been my best friend for five years. I love my BFFs. I dont think I have to many and if asked to choose one I would choose them all.
Nextly, my brother. His name is Kyle Hannah. and I love him. So he isnt my brother by blood, but what does that matter. He is more family to me than some of my real blood family. (Extended family that is. Im very close to my family.) He is random and cool and spuratic and great and he is married to one of my most favorite people in the world Jessica Hannah. Together those two are the cutest couple....ever. and speaking of Jessica that brings me to almonds.
Almonds. I am thinking she was a tad loopy when she suggested this to me. It was four AM after all. So I dont know much about almonds, but thats okay. I dont eat them, but I have heard they taste good. I dont like nuts tho. But yea. Almonds Almonds Almonds.
Last, but definitely not least is my mom. She is the greatest mom anyone could ever ask for. I love her so much. I wish I could put into words how much she means to me. We have a very close bond and I feel blessed to not only have a mom, but to also have a best friend. I have the same type of relationship with my amazing sisters. They are sisters yea, but they are friends that wont ever leave me. They have to stick with me. My mom is great, though. I know so many people that are not close with their mothers and I truly think that is sad. Mine is great and she always I has my best interest in mind. She is under appreciated. I appreciate everything she does for me which is so much.

Something that was not suggested to me, but I want to talk about anyway is something that has been on my mind a lot.
I want to see this beautiful world. It offers so much outside of my small confined little Florida. I want to sail the seven seas. I want to climb foreign mountains. I want to surf mexican shores. I want to taste the tastes of Italy and smell the fresh clean French Alps mountain air. I want to experiance another world in Asia and I want to share Jesus in each place I go. I want to take his name out to everyone that cannot hear it like I get to. I am so blessed to be able to sit and hear HIS word freely everyday. I want to share this privelage I have with people that dont have it. The same people that have to hide their love for my Lord. So, yea. I want to do a lot of missions. I am extremely excited to get to take His word to Costa Rica this summer with my dad and a group from church. It will truly be an experiance. Trust God today. Let him do amazing things for you like he is doing for me!

Much love and peace.
Live long and prosper.
May the force be with you.


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