Saturday, February 28, 2009

my birthday: iPods, the beach, good food, and family (:

Today as many know, was my birthday! I had an amazing day! Who knew turning 17 was so amazingly fantastic. Now I look at the day in retrospect. It all started out watching my beautiful five year old niece, Hadley play her last upward game.Then mom and I headed to the St. Johns Town Center and the Mac store. While at the mac store I made a purchase (mom made a purchase). My brand new iTouch! (Still trying to think of names! Suggestions?) After that we headed to the beach where i got to fly a tinker bell kite with Hadley and pick up shells with Avery. I watched little Ben-Jammin eat sand and gold fish and dipped my toes in the very brisk water. I ran on the beach and laid in the sun. Ahh, I love Florida. I totally didnt think that my birthday weekend could get better but it did. After the beach we headed to Osteens and enjoyed shrimp as a family. It was amazing. And the weekend is far from over. I have a gator game tomorrow and more time to play with my amazing iTouch. I am in L-O-V-E with that thing. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing family that I feel so close to. I wish my faraway sister could have been with me as I turned seventeen, but she was in TN. watching the snowfall. I find it ironic I enjoy a day at the beach and she enjoys a day in the snow. And I dont want it to get cold again. I am enjoying the warm. And I am also chasing rabbits here tonight. I am very tired this evening. But I wanted to blog about such a wonderful day! I have such an amazing life and I am looking forward to seeing what God has in store. I know that the road I am traveling down is not always perfect, but he is teaching me a lesson in every mistake. I love when He reveals himself to me. He is such an amazing God. And here I go on another tangent.

I do believe I am going to get back to the iTouch now.

Peace and love!
hope you enjoyed the randomness!

Love forever

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  1. That shrimp was pretty incredible! I am glad I got to enjoy your birthday with you:) I will take sun, sand and shrimp over snow anyday;)