Monday, March 2, 2009

Manic monday

I hate Mondays. Today wasnt bad or anything. Mondays are just no fun. I mean seriously. Why cant we just tack Monday onto the end of the weekend so we can all hate on Tuesdays for a while. Mondays are getting a bad reputation. I feel bad for them sometime. Tuesdays are no fun either. I have school ALL day long. We are talking 9 to 9:45 at night!
Anyway, tonight I had the first night of pageant week. It went well I would like to say. Good stuff. I am just totally tired now. It was a long day. Very long. I am looking forward to a good night sleep. Really. Right now I am enjoying a nice warm evening and some Secret Life. Good night. I would stay up late because I am skipping tomorrow but I dont think I can stay up much longer. Haha. I am just looking forward to a nice day at home tomorrow. Don't you just love FCAT season? Sorry underclassman. I am quite excited.
Because of you guys and standardized testing I get to spend the day at home tomorrow. I see so much justice in that. Haha. Hey I went through it. It is your turn. I havent slept in, in so long I can already taste the whole waking up when i want thing. I deserve it. I am sure of this. I havent woken up when I wanted in so long it is crazy. I need this so bad though. I mean my life is going 100 miles an hour. I never have time to do anything but study study study. School is my life. I am quite tired of that. I wish school would spontaniously combust. Really. I mean all I know is that it is taking over the world. But I wont continue to rant about school. That is a downer. I am going to go though. I have nothing left to say. Haha. So night night all. (: Enjoy your evenings and stay warm! Much love and peace.



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  1. Love you, are doing great. Keep it up! I know school is a "drag" or whatever, but this will be over before you know it. Try to enjoy it and keep those grades up! You will be so glad you did when you look back on it all. I am glad you get a couple days off-use them to refresh and rejuvenate:)Watch some Homestar, drink some good coffee, do some yoga, listen to some tunes-take a deep breath!