Thursday, March 26, 2009

A long long time ago....

I wrote a blog. Yea, I know. A REALLY long time ago. My life has been so busy these days that I hardly have time to sit and blog about the craziness. Things have been good. The fair was fun, but I am glad it is over! Maybe I can breath now. But just as i get the fair done school starts working overtime and I am having to put 100 and ten percent into that. It is tough. College is kicked it into overdrive but I am working hard. So much to do in so little time. I am getting behind and that CANNOT happen. But I didnt blog to rant. I blogged to blog. Lol.

I have been racking my brain to find random stuff to talk about but when you think about it, how random is it? The thought just has to strike me at the right moment. So tonight I think I will talk about randomness in its self. I have had many a discussion on randomness and just why it is random. Like little men in hot air balloons floating down into your back yard. (this is humor a select few will get). But the thing is....who decides random? I mean the word really gets abused today. Its like sometimes, it isnt random YET the word is misused. Some things are random. Like say a purple elephant with giant reading glasses on. Wanna know something weird? I KNOW where you can find one of those! THAT is random. Not the stupid picture albums on facebook that are all like "this is sooo random". I mean come on. After two million pics of yourself it ceases to be random. So why label it random? Ugg, just thinking about it is annoying.

I came across the statement on a piece of flair on facebook that said "I'm not as random as you think I salad." That is an example of random. It doesnt fit and it doesnt go. It is totally spuratic and hodgepodge (other words that can be used in place of random). If someone spouts off a trivial fact it is not nessecarrily random. It is trivia knowlegde. See what I mean? Why does this society misuse random? Come on people? How random can we all truly get? It is ridiculous.

Dont get me started on "awkward". lol.

In other notes-- dont go see the house on the left. it is ridiculous and pointless.

Watch Twilight! It is out on DVD.

I am tired but I cannot sleep but I wont bore you with my sleep deprived ramblings anymore. I will keep this updated more often I promise!

And remember!!!! Much love and peace! (:

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