Sunday, June 14, 2009

SuMeRr TiMe iS FiNaLlyY HeRe! (:

Okay so wow. Summer so far, has been AMAZING! (: So many memories made already and it has just begun! I hit up the beach THREE TIMES last week and I also got in a lake day filled with friends, fun, && WAKEBOARDING (finally). I am sort of burned, but it has all been so very worth it!! (: God is speaking to me in a lot of ways. I am loving the fact I have plentiful time to spend in his word! I am so excited to see things unfold according to His plan. Today in church, Bro. Scott spoke about seeking God's will and praying according to it and I want to do that! I am also looking forward to upcoming ministry opportunities! He is teaching me so much and something He has been reminding me of is how blessed I am. I have all that I need and more and what amazes me is that I dont deserve it. Not one bit. BUT He keeps the blessings coming. This coming up week in VBS and I am looking forward to toating around little ones for a little while. Then next weekend its off to the beach till Sunday! (: Then Monday morning I head out again for PC Beach and an exciting Pre-teen camp. I love playing music for God's glory. There is so much going on and summer is such a great time to let God use you! Be salt and light in this lost and dying world. Dont conform to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind! Dont try to win the approval of man. Only GOD truly matters! Pray for someone and be an encouragment!

So, on a random note:
Something that always makes me mad is that the word "wakeboard" or "wakeboarding" is ALWAYS a typo! Gr! It is a weird people! Lets get with the 21st century!
Another random topic: Watching Rocky react to being sprayed by the spray bottle is priceless! (:

Another random note: My best friends left me. NOT cool! (: I miss Kase and Corey!

Well until next time, this has been BCS from the big blue comfy couch! (:

Much love and peace beach bums!

Listen to some Kenny Chesney or Beach Boys! Get in the summerrr spirittt!!

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