Thursday, July 7, 2011

never forgotten

Just a little update from the SoFlo. I am sitting here at a Starbucks, gazing out the window, and doing some good thinking. Just like the good little indie kid I am. And in my thinking I am dwelling on today's date. Possibly over dwelling, but if you know me, you know I over think absolutely everything. But anyway. Today is July 7, 2011. For some, its any other day. For me, its been a day to ponder for the past three years.

As many of you know and experienced, three years ago today, the world lost two beautiful, talented, Godly, wonderful, people. Three years ago today, one of my very best friends I've ever known was taken far too soon. Three years ago today, I lost a lady I looked up to, and went to for Godly council. But three years later, I still see God's hand in the whole thing.

Things that I will never forget about Ben.
His hugs, which is obvious. We all knew him for that.
His outlook on life. He was of the "Don't worry, be happy" breed. And we all envied that.
His advice. Even at three in the morning, when normal people sleep.
His quickness to say "I love you" no matter how big your disagreement was.

I'll never forget, sitting in a lodge on Beech Mountain. My brother, Kyle Hannah, had just given a sermon that left our youth group different for a long time. People were seeing sin in their lives and they were ready to get rid of it. Ben was one of them. I had long gone upstairs and was lounging on that big comfy couch by the fire when he approached me, tears his eyes. He could hardly get out his apology he wanted to give me. He told me he was ready to make a change in his life and live for God. And indeed there was a change. That was a life changing moment for me, too.

He brought me Mcdonalds lunch to school all the time, because I was always afraid to skip. He never missed my birthday or half birthday, which he insisted on celebrating. I cherish the days towards the end of sophomore year. Myself, Kasey, Shelby, and Ben would spend so much time, chatting in the library, while we were supposed to be working. We had some of the most fulfilling conversations. I miss those days. I miss him.

Mrs. Lisa always blew me away with her extensive knowledge of music. I will never forget our mission trip in Baltimore. We were in the decrepit club as we called ourselves. I had hurt my wrist and lost my voice. She transposed all the music I had to sing and play, in a matter of seconds. She was never without a smile and an encouraging word. I will never forget the Godly advice she gave me in some very formative years of my life.

All of this feels like it was yesterday. The hurt of losing them is still more real that I can believe. But I know it wasn't for nothing. The fact that, still, three years later, we are talking about the impact they had in our lives. Emotionally and spiritually. They led lives that were for Christ and left a legacy of that behind them. They are gone now. We all miss them so much, but a lesson can be learned here. Live your life for Christ now. Don't wait. They didn't. You may not have tomorrow to share Jesus with your lost friends. You may not have till tomorrow to tell those in your life you love them. Take nothing for granted. Life is indeed short. Live it now.

Sorry for a more heavy post. It was on my heart. Stay tuned within the next week for a VBS update, but for now, go live for Him. We aren't promised tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Your memories brought tears to my eyes. I'm so happy you are living for Him right now. I love you!