Saturday, July 23, 2011

As we come to a close

Stealing a moment for wifi, and a cup of coffee, I reflect. Eight weeks has nearly come and gone and my time in beautiful SoFlo is up. It's bittersweet, really. Home is Jacksonville, for now. It's where all the wonderful people in my life are. (Well not all. Many are dispersed near and far), but most. It is where, church, school, and family are. But when I leave Naples I will be leaving bits of me here. There is a piece of my heart at Cyprus Lakes Baptist church in Ft. Meyers. There is a little bit of me in Lehigh Acres. Some of me remains in Miami at Miami Shores Baptist Church and Cutler Bay Baptist. I'm spread across East Naples and North Naples. My life is completely changed because of all this. God has shown me so much because I have had so much time to dwell in my time with him. He has revealed to me parts of where I want my future to go. He has shown me that I have passions for things I never suspected. He has taught me to let go every once in a while. Yes, I have relinquished some of my grip on control. I've learned flexibility. I've learned to love differently, and more deeply. But most of all I have learned to always always always rely on Him. For everything. Nothing is too big for him to take care of. Nothing is out of his grasp. Me mediocre problems are not too large for him to take on. He is always here. When all else fails, I have my faith. For those that do not have that, I am sad. I can't imagine living hopelessly, and without knowledge of the amazing, wonderful, and truly great God I serve. Life isn't always perfect. It's a mess. Most of the time. But He gives and He takes away. And He is sovereign. I have a purpose. God has got a lot for me to do. And I am following after Him and trusting in His path for me.


I'm not leaving this change here. I am taking home the new me. God doesn't do works in our lives for us to leave behind. He has me where I am for a reason and I will make the most of everyday. Because everyday is part of his plan for me. And that brings a smile to my face.

The past couple of weeks...

Sorry on my lack of SoFlo updates. It's been crazy and I have been trying to relax in muh spare time. This past week we were blessed to work with the sweet congregation at East Naples Baptist Church. Emily was able to see one of her youth saved, and called into missions. I was privileged to work with some of the sweetest and smartest Kindergarteners. All week God kept reminding me to remember his plan for everyone. Even these kids. Even He has a plan for them. And something special I am sure. It would be so easy to pass them by and simply say, "They are kids, so what." but they are so much. There was a boy and girl in my class this week that have suffered more in their short 2 and 5 years than I have in my nineteen. But Kaleb had such an attitude like Christ's. He has watched as his little sister has undergone countless surgeries, issues, and episodes. She is just two and has had numerous health issues, and can only eat through a tube still. But to see how he takes care of her is something special. He loves her so much. Both of them are motherless. Five and two years old. So why do we underestimate them? They have so much to give, but will most likely be cast off. Think about how you would feel, being thought less of, because of something out of your control, or because of your age. Old or young. It is truly something that God has been laying hard on my heart and a lesson I'm learning more about everyday. And I rejoice when he reveals Himself to me. I love it.
We have one more church to prepare for. We will be celebrating with the Korean church in Ft. Meyers this coming week and ask for more prayers and thoughts, please. We are excited for our last little opportunity. I even get to lead worship, which is my favorite. So, yes, prayers and whatnot. You guys are wonderful.

Love God, Love People.


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