Monday, January 3, 2011

out with the 2010 in with the 2011

I've come to the realization since January 1 that I do not believe in resolutions. As a matter of fact I'm strongly against them. Every year I arrogantly claim that I will fulfill each checkpoint on an unreal list. I act as if I have some mystical power that will magically help me accomplish tasks, simply because it is a new year. The New Years resolution tradition, is in my opinion, archaic. We set steep ambitions for ourselves, usually centered around getting in shape or being healthy, then three months or less the overwhelming and daunting tasks crush us, and we succumb to the lifestyle of the previous year.
So, this year I wont make resolutions. Instead I am setting goals for myself. Some fun, some God-centered, but all to better myself in the year 2011. I'm not setting the goals so I can check off a list. I am doing it because I want to live life to it's fullest. I want to carpe diem the whole year.

First and foremost, I am making a real effort to grow in my walk with the Lord. This means daily reading, fasting, and prayer-even in the busiest of times. Even if it's finals. This is something I can't let slide. I want the world to see He is my everything.

Staying positive. I'm leaving negativity in 2010.

Write, write, write. Get serious about writing. Work on editing my novel. Look into getting said novel published. Work on more short works. Expound on new novel ideas. Write more music. This is what I plan on doing with my life, so working towards my goals now will further my career as a writer down the road. Something to look forward to.

Blog once weekly. I love to blog. It's a constructive way to get my thoughts out. I get to write, and I also look at it as a tool to further His gospel.

Play more music. Find local places to sing. Better my guitar playing ability. Learn a new instrument.

Study hard, but not too hard. There are more important things in life. Give everything you have your best effort, but don't get bogged down and marred up in one thing. Your best effort is the most important thing.

Be a better friend to my friends, and love on everyone. I am called, after all, to love people.

Make a better effort to be involved with my family, no matter what that entails. Family is so important to me. Second only to my relationship with Christ. I need to try to put effort into what means the most to me.

Start saving money for the future. I am nearly nineteen years old. Its time to grow up and began being future minded. I need to be prepared for the road God takes me down.

Learn new skills. Like sewing. I really would love to make my own clothes. And I would love to have the skill for when I am a wife and a mom. I look forward to being a Proverbs 31 woman in my own home.

Paint and draw more often. I rarely make time for my love of art in my life and I would like to change that.

Collect more records. I want to pass down an awesome collection to my kids one day.

Make a concerted effort to be healthy and exercise. I would like to run a half marathon this year.

Hike, camp, and enjoy God's creation more.

Read more.

Tell someone everyday the wonderful things God is doing in my life.

Tell someone I love them everyday. Compliment others. Be an encourager.

These goals, listed in no particular order, are what I am striving towards this year. It's time to make changes and what better time then when I have an entire year of blank pages to write on. I want to live a life pleasing to God and a life I pour into others. This year, I want it to be less about me and more about Him. I want to live my life loving God and loving people.

Thanks for taking time to read this. I appreciate it. (: Have a blessed day.

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