Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Apart of His plan

It's that time of year again. It's Christmastime. What thoughts flash in your mind at the idea of Christmas? Family, a tree, giving and receiving gifts, decorations? These are just a few of the things I think of as I look around me, surrounded by the beauty of the season. This is my absolute favorite time of year. Everything turns magical, and I find myself feeling like a little kid. Traditions from years before reoccur, bringing warmth and familiarity. The bustle of people, the music, the weather, all bring a sense of enchantment. I love it all.

But I am sitting here today, listening as Dustin Kensrue sings carols through my record player. He sings "O Holy Night" and I am taken back to the point where this tradition began.
It was a holy night, the night the Savior of all mankind was born. For hundreds of years leading up to that day, prophesies had been told and retold, and in one divine moment, each were fulfilled. This is what it is all about. Every year I have been surrounded by sayings like "keep Christ in Christmas" or "Jesus is the reason for the season." While the sayings are wonderful to remember and ring true, think about something. Are you just spouting off cliches or are you actually doing something about what you are saying? Why do we only give Him this recognition at Christmas? He deserves it all year long. I feel like, as a Christian, I should be emphasizing these truths, always. But even as we say them at Christmas are we allowing ourselves to pause and think about why we celebrate the tree and the gifts and one another. We have this "holiday" because of the lowly birth of our savior.

In an effort to truly remember why we have Christmas I have been doing some studying in the book of Luke. I was inspired by Bro. Scott's sermon a couple of weeks ago. He was talking about Mary and the simple vessel she was. She found favor with God and was used by Him. Imagine being in her place. A virgin, carrying a child. It was a miracle, but it was probably scary, too. In that time, having a baby out of wedlock meant permanent disgrace. She endured those fears, though. She considered herself to be blessed that God chose her to be apart of his plan. That attitude got me thinking. God chose me. I was so undeserving and dirty and sinful, but he said. "I want you." I am blessed that he has allowed me to be apart of his plan. I don't deserve his outstretched hand inviting me to be in his big picture, but he is still offering it. So instead of getting downtrodden because of circumstances or problems within your life, rejoice, because it is all part of His plan. We are just lucky he is letting us be apart.

So this Christmas, make sure you remember why we celebrate, but also remember what Jesus's birth and death meant. It was all part of God's big plan. A plan that involved Mary and Joseph, then, and it involves you and I now. We are all simple servants, part of something much bigger.

And remember, something that seems impossible with men is ALWAYS possible with God.

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  1. Beautifully written, and a much needed reminder to me as well as others of the TRUE meaning of Christmas...Thanks for sharing your heart with all of us.
    Merry Christmas to You and Yours...
    Ms. Cathy