Monday, April 5, 2010

What's your desire?

I'm a strong believer in this: When you take the big leap. When you make that big decision. You surrender your life to Christ. Something should happen. A change should take place.
"What kind of change is that?" you may be asking.
Well, I'm glad you enquired.
"Getting saved" as we baptist like to say is not just about making a statement. In the 21st century accepting Christ into your life has become so watered down. It is not some magic prayer. When you make that choice a lifestyle change should occur. That's the change I am talking about. Its a desire change. A complete 180 in what you want. Yea, we are still sinners and of course we're gonna mess up, but its the after we mess up that counts. Are you convicted as you are sinning? Do you want to stop? When we have a desire change we don't want to go anywhere near things we know will cause us to sin. With salvation there should be a change of heart. We should look different than the world, not blend in with it. So with all that, what is you desire? Where does your heart sit? It's something to ponder and think about...

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  1. very good post Bethany Caroline! I am so proud of you! I love you! Keep the blogs coming!